Tip of the days: Special links for iPhone, iPod and iPad

If you develop web applications, check this article from Apple:
Apple URL Scheme Reference
Having special links to make a call, open maps or itunes apps on an iOS device can be very handy, both in Real Studio Web Edition and Filemaker Instant Web Publishing.

Recent News

  • We have been busy for the upcoming Mac OS X 10.7 release. I expect to have more than 1000 features to be added to our plugins with Lion.
  • Tonight is the monthly meeting of the Atlanta Real Studio user group.
  • Los Angeles area Real Studio user group. You can sign up on the google group: solar-ug.
    Please sign up and attend the inaugural meeting, tentatively set for lunch to mid afternoon, Tuesday, July 26, 2011. Geoff Perlman will help us kick off our new user group. Suggest some topics you'd like him to cover.
  • There is a sale with 20% on all upgrades to Pro and Enterprise licenses on Real Studio: visit store with coupon code UPSALE
  • The Real Studio event in Leicester will be next week. While it's basically sold out, you could still contact Eric for a place on the waiting list. Just for case a seat becomes available. See rsdevs.org.uk
  • On August, 6th 2011 is the meeting of the Seattle Real Studio user group.
  • For an overview of user groups, check the Real Software website.

Dialogs with Filemaker

Over the years, we got a few window related functions and with 2.4 plugins recently we got some more commands. But first take a look on this screenshots showing our layout before and after running plugin functions:

We can hide scrollbars and the toolbar button. Also we can disable close, minimize and maximize buttons on the window title bar. And we disable resizing the window.
I'm not yet sure how to remove the little box on bottom left on Windows. But if you use accounts with privileges set correctly, the user can't go to layout or search mode.
Can you imaging where this is going? I think we can make dialogs in Filemaker with normal layouts.

See Window.SetShowsToolbarButton, Window.SetResizable and other window functions.

Beware of the price!

Normally, when I stop at one of the big burger fast food chains, I go to the desk, tell what I want and simply pay whatever the cashier asks for. But today, I just stopped for a big coke. The cashier asked for 2.59 €. Oh? What happened to the 1.99 € price we had for years? Okay, I check the price list on the wall and the big surprise is this: 500ml coke is 2.59 €. A 250ml coke is 1.10 €. You see? It's actually cheaper to buy two small ones, than one big one!

By the way, same can happen for menus: Sometimes it's cheaper to order the menu (burger, drink and fries) than burger and drink alone. Crazy if you pay for not getting fries.

And next time in supermarket, check also the prices. The big family pack is often more expensive than a few of the smaller packages combined. See also: Article in telegraph.co.uk.

You saw that, too?

Review about our MBS Filemaker Plugin

We got a review about our Filemaker plugin. In German as it's on a German Filemaker website: gofilemaker.de

Thanks to Jens Liebelt for writing it.

MBS Filemaker Plugin, version 2.4pr9

New in this prerelease of the 2.4 plugins:
  • Added Window.HideScrollbars and Window.ShowScrollbars function.
  • ProgressDialog will resize upper text field and dialog to fit text.
  • Added ProgressDialog.SetPositionCentered and ProgressDialog.SetPosition.
  • Added String.ReplaceNewline function.
Download: monkeybreadsoftware.de/filemaker/files/Prerelease/

Map of blog visitors

Since we started counting on 24th May 2010, we had over 12,000 different visitors on this blog so far:

This does not count people using twitter or RSS feeds to read this. Thank you all for reading our blog.

MBS SQLite Extension in version 1.1

NICKENICH, Germany (July 5th, 2011) -- Monkeybread Software releases version 1.1 of the MBS SQLite Extension.

The MBS SQLite Extension is four things in one:
  • A plug-in for Cube SQL 4.0 from SQLabs or newer.
  • A plug-in for Studio Stable Database Server 2.0 or newer.
  • A plug-in for the REAL Server from REALsoftware
  • An extension for SQLite which you can use in all SQLite based database engines including the REALSQLDatabase class in Real Studio or SQLiteManager application (from SQLabs).
New in Version 1.1:
  • Added Cube SQL Examples
  • Fixed a 64 bit bug with registration.
  • Compiled for Mac with 32 and 64 bit. (Linux and Windows 64 bit depends on demand.)
  • Added Cube SQL Plugin for Cube SQL Server 4.0.
  • Added UUIDFormattedMBS, UUIDHexMBS and UUIDRawMBS.
  • Added CosHMBS, ACosMBS, CosMBS, TanHMBS, ATan2MBS, ATanMBS, TanMBS, SinHMBS, ASinMBS, SinMBS functions.
  • Remove Accents functions now convert ß to s.
Our SQLite Extension gives you over 50 new functions for SQLite:
  • Additional mathematical functions like Round or Pow.
  • Functions to save blob values in files outside the database.
  • Functions to calculate checksums on blob values on the server.
  • String functions like SoundEx or accents removing for your text searches.
  • Regular Expressions in queries.
  • UUID generation
Our SQLite Extension supports Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.
Example projects for Real Studio are included for REALSQLDatabase, REALSQLServerDatabase and CubeSQLDatabase classes.

You can test the plugin for free up to 10 minutes per launch in a demo mode.
Licenses are available for 99 Euro per developer with one year of free updates.
If you have feature requests for additional functions, please send us an email.

For more information visit our website:

MBS Filemaker Plugin, version 2.4pr8

New in this prerelease of the 2.4 plugins:
  • Added String.ReadTextFile.
  • Renamed WriteTextFile to String.WriteTextFile
  • Added Window.Resizable and Window.SetResizable.
  • Added Window.ShowsToolbarButton and Window.SetShowsToolbarButton to hide toolbar button on Mac OS X.
  • Moving error handling so we return LastError to Filemaker instead of error message. So check lasterror of all plugin calls.
  • Added Path.NativePathToFilemakerPath and Path.FilemakerPathToNativePath.
  • Added Trace function.
  • Added ShowURL function.
  • Renamed DragDrop.GetNativePath to DragDrop.GetPath.
  • Added DragDrop.ReleaseAll function.
  • Added new string functions: String.EncodeToHTML, String.DecodeFromHTML, String.EncodeToHex and String.DecodeFromHex.
  • ProgressDialog Cancel button now works with escape key.
  • You can hide image and cancel button on progress dialog and other controls resize to match.
  • Added SetShowButton and GetShowButton commands to ProgressDialog.
Download: monkeybreadsoftware.de/filemaker/files/Prerelease/


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