Update on Filemaker WebView Video

Thanks to a tip from a developer I learnt that the example projects for the Filemaker WebView video are broken. Google simply changed their html and the old code failed to find the result text.

I updated both the Real Studio project and the Filemaker database.

Download new FilemakerCurrency.zip archive.

Getting icons from Files

With our Filemaker 2.3pr2 plugins we added a new function: Icon.GetIcon. This function allows you in Filemaker to get any file or folder icon from Mac OS X. You simply pass in the path and the size you want to have. In return you get a container value including the icon with alpha channel as PNG, a preview in JPEG with white background, filename and size.

And we added another function Icon.GetIconWithQuickLook to get the icon from QuickLook on Mac OS X 10.5 and newer. If QuickLook is not available or can't deliver a preview for the given file, we fall back to the GetIcon function. With help of QuickLook, you can see inside supported file formats like font, picture and document files.

On the right we put together a screenshot from the sample database. On the left you see the normal icons and on the right the QuickLook icons. You see the outline of the font file as well as a the green moos on right instead of the generic icons on the left.

If you want to do the same in Real Studio, please check out folderitem.QuickLookMBS and folderitem.IconMBS.

MBS Filemaker Plugin, version 2.3pr2

New in this prerelease of the 2.3 plugins:
  • Added parameters for Window.ShowOverlay.
  • Added Icon.GetIcon function.
  • Added Icon.GetIconWithQuickLook function.
Download: monkeybreadsoftware.de/filemaker/files/

MBS Filemaker Plugin use with jQuery to make Filemaker Menus

It's in German but interesting for all Filemaker developers. You can use a webview to show a menu structure. You call filemaker scripts there with our MBS Plugins from the Javascript code. Check it out today.

FileMaker dynamische Menüs (Blog Article) and YouTube Video

Daring Fireball

John Gruber has a nice blog and I read it regularly: Daring Fireball. I was surprised today as I saw Real Software sponsors this week's RSS feed for John's blog. Nice move by Geoff.

Please give us a chance to help

  • If you look for something on our website and you don't find it, drop us a line. We can help you find stuff on our website of find a solution for your problem. Don't give up disappointed.
  • If you have trouble getting an example project running, please tell us. Some examples use deprecated framework functions from REAL Studio. They do in order to run with older versions of REAL Studio. You can resolve those easily.
  • Before you buy, take the time to test. Write a test project verifying that what you want to do works with our plugins. If you have a problem, tell us, so we can fix that. If finally everything works well for you, you can place your order.
  • If you drop us a line and get a short answer which is not enough, please email back. With hundreds of support emails per day, we often just point to FAQ entries if we think they match your question.
Of course the new chat feature on our website is a great way to ask something. If no one is in the chat, leave us a message, so we can contact you back.

In general, please don't get frustrated after trying something for hours. Ask for support. Over 90% of all problems can be fixed with a few simple changes to the REAL Studio project, our plugins or pointing to an updated plugin (bug already fixed in a newer version). And people are often impressed if they get an answer on the weekend or a new plugin to test on the same day :-)

Map of blog readers

Ten months ago we started to count users with clustrmaps.com and made the visitors of the blog visible. So here is the current map after more than 10 months and with over 8000 visitors:

Isn't it nice to see where REAL Studio developers are around the world?


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