Happy Thanksgiving

We wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all our clients, partners and friends all over the world. :-)

New video about URL scheme

Watch the lastest video about how to create a URL scheme for your application here.

If you have ideas for new videos, please send us an email.

Install REALServer on Linux

with this easy steps you get REALserver running on Linux:
  • Download REALserver.tgz from REALsoftware
  • Copy it to the linux machine and expand the archive there
  • open terminal
  • Use "cd" command to move to the folder (where the install.sh file is inside).
    In my case: cd Desktop/realserver
  • run sudo ./install.sh in the terminal
  • Now you find the installation in /opt/realsoftware/realserver
  • You can launch admin tool from terminal with this line:
    sudo "/opt/realsoftware/realserver/REAL Server Admin"
  • In the Admin tool go to the Server menu and Start the server there.
  • Now you can connect to the server.
  • Enjoy!

Worldwide spread of REALBASIC

Following the discussion of the REALbasic mailing list I thought about creating a map of REALbasic users.
So I toke a sample of data from my sales list from last year. As the REALbasic users buying plug-ins are the more professional ones, I think this shows more the professional than the hobbyist users. But I think the sample is big enough to show the spread worldwide. But in general it looks like the spread follows knowledge/income rules. Only people with enough knowledge about programming and enough money to spend it on my plug-ins are visible on this map. I hope the resolution is low enough to keep people's privacy.

Download bigger map image: rbuserslocation.png

Apple Remote fixed for Mac OS X 10.6.2

As a developer registered with Apple I have access to Mac OS X 10.6.2 prerelease copies. With 10.6 the AppleRemote code was broken in the plugins so you can't use exclusive mode. But with Mac OS X 10.6.2 Apple fixed this, but they changed a few of the constants. So if you use at least the 9.7 plugin version, you have already the fix and your application should work very well.

NSBundleMBS and NSDirectoryEnumeratorMBS

In 9.8pr4 we have three new classes: NSDirectoryEnumeratorMBS, NSEnumeratorMBS and NSBundleMBS.
The NSEnumeratorMBS class is a common base class in Cocoa for enumerating objects. Maybe the plugin will use it in the future more often. Currently it is used internally to enumerate objects in arrays whenever a REALbasic array is created with Cocoa objects.
With NSDirectoryEnumeratorMBS you can enumerate files in a certain folder and all subfolders. Foldersitems maybe do this, too. And FileListMBS is certainly faster, but there was at least one user who requested it.
With NSBundleMBS you have now an easier way compared to CFBundleMBS to get information about a bundle. For example you can take a bundle folderitem, get the NSBundleMBS for it and query information like the executableArchitectures or values form the info dictionary.
New in version 9.8

Postgre SQL Database Extension

The MBS REALbasic SQL Plugin is a REALbasic plugin for accessing multiple SQL databases (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, Informix, InterBase, SQLBase, MySQL, PostgreSQL and ODBC, SQLite). While the plugin does a job to deliver the function set common to all database servers, the individual servers have more features than others. So for example the PostgreSQLAPIMBS class ads methods to query the field and record count from a result. A function which is not available for all database servers.
If you have requests for special database function for a specific database server, please email us.
class PostgreSQLAPIMBS

About plug-in functions returning array

If you use newer plugin versions which return REALbasic arrays to your code, you need to have at least version 2008r1 installed.
For example
CUPSMBS.GetDestinations as CUPSDestinationMBS()
returns you a REALbasic array. In REALbasic versions before 2008r1 you receive always an empty array.

Magic Mouse in REALbasic

If you like to use gestures with the Magic Mouse in REALbasic, go and implement the gestures events from the MBS Plugins. You find them in the CarbonApplicationEventsMBS and the CarbonWindowsEventsMBS classes.
A sample is here

Files in quarantine

Did you see a dialog before like the one on the right?
Mac OS X is asking whether you want to open a file which came from the Internet. With 9.8pr2 we have added a function to get this information from a file. You can also set the information and clear it.
Check the new Folderitem.MacQuarantinePropertiesMBS as MacQuarantinePropertiesMBS method and the MacQuarantinePropertiesMBS class. (more)
The biggest plugin in space...


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