REALbasic Forums Notification Service

if you read the REALbasic forums, you may want to register for this email service. For every new topic posted to the forums you receive an email so you can keep up to date without looking on the forums everyday.

Go here to subscribe:

PS: At the time of the postings this service is 2 years old :-)

Filemaker Web Forms

Our tool to find forms and fields in REALbasic and Filemaker, you can download our newer version.
Now also the links of a website are now listed.

We were in TV

yesterday we were sitting in the audience of a talk show here in German TV. Maybe someone saw us?

MBS Plugins packages distribution

I had today the question how the relation is between plugin users taking the Complete package or parts.
The distribution for 2009 is:

56% Complete Commercial
10% Complete Academic
34% Parts

Of course it may be related to the fact that as soon as someone buys a couple of parts, I offer an upgrade to complete for a little price.

See also: Worldwide spread of REALBASIC

New MBS REALbasic Updater Kit in version 1.0

Today we released our new Updater Kit for REALbasic. I hope this is a good solution for everyone using my plugins.
You can learn more and try the sample application on our website:


For some years now we have different dongle solutions. Basicly I added all the things people asked me about. Some dongles are better, some are cheaper and some are easier to integrate. So far we support HASP4, HASP HL, Rockey, Rockey2, Unikey and Matrix dongles.
The new SDKs from Aladdin are called HASP SRM. You can use it to first envelope your whole application so it only launches when the dongle is found. Also your application is encrypted. We hope to test this soon with REALbasic applications. Second you can store data in the dongle. But for the library we need to link into the plugin for the functions, we need your help. With the HASP Tools you create yourself a customized static library. This library is signed and works only for your dongles.
So if you want to use HASP SRM, you can generate your library, send us the library and we create you a personal plugin. NDA/Contract may be required.

HUD Windows in REALbasic

You can use use Cocoa HUD Windows on Mac OS X 10.5 and newer like this:

And here is the code:
dim style as integer = NSPanelMBS.NSClosableWindowMask + NSPanelMBS.NSTitledWindowMask + NSPanelMBS.NSUtilityWindowMask + NSPanelMBS.NSHUDWindowMask + NSPanelMBS.NSResizableWindowMask

static n as NSPanelMBS = new NSPanelMBS(100,100,200,200, style, NSPanelMBS.NSWindowBackingLocationDefault, false)

n.Title = "Hello World"

Audio Bitrate on QTMovieExporterMBS

My QTMovieExporterMBS class is very popular and from time to time I'm asked for 96 KHz support.
Actually that is supported, but not all people find it. The function you try first is SetSoundFormat, but this one is old and can't handle values above 65 KHz. So you need a different way. And I always suggest: let the user setup this and save the preferences. So you'd try the SetupDialog method which shows this dialog:

But there the higher bit rates are missing. The solution is to set EnableHighResolutionAudio to true like in this code:

The EnableHighResolutionAudio property is new in QuickTime 7 and changes a few things in background. So the SetupDialog now looks like this:

I hope this information helps a few of you.

PACE Anti-Piracy in REALBasic?

Recently I found a new website about helping to fight Piracy in software business. I think their protection model could be used with REALbasic and if someone has interest in this, I may be able to help with a custom plugin or library as contract work.
Visit Pace Website

While I do have a few general use dongle plugins, some Anti-Piracy protection systems come with a per developer library. For them I have to write a plugin for each customer using it with the library of that customer.


If you are using Paypal a lot (As I do), you probably have the problems with Paypal as I do: Search
Paypal has search functions but you need to enter the exact name or email address. But often I don't know it!
So if you use GaragePay you can do searches over all records in the database (for me more than 5 years) and enter the search information you have.
I often have customers where I know their domain name. I don't know what name they use for the account, their real name, some alias or the company name. And often people use an extra mailbox for Paypal. so the email address they use for support questions is not the same as for Paypal.
So I enter the name of the domain and find the records I need. I even have some smart folders defined there (like in the Finder) where I have only the payments of a single customer. In sum a cool app! Try it.
GaragePay website

REAL Server Plugin 0.5

This update adds support for regular expressions.
So you can use sql selects with the regexp operator: select * from mytable where myvalue regexp expression
More information and download

Download Mirror

Some of my US customers told me that the downloads are slow. So I installed today a server located in the USA:

Download Server Germany

Depending on your location the speed difference can be factor 4. So if you download something big, it may be worth to use the other server. Try it and tell me your speed :-)

Label printer for REALbasic

Today I got here a label printer to test: The DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo.
It is connected using USB and comes with standard drivers for Mac OS X and WIndows. This way you can use it in all REALbasic applications with the normal printing commands. Works very nice here for the application we needed.

Last year I had a different one which had only his own print commands so I wrote the CUPS plugin part to control it on Mac OS X. The only downside is that it supports 50 paper formats and you need to choose yours from the paper format list. Maybe an auto detection would be good.

REALbasic 2010r1 released

REALsoftware release a new version of REALbasic and as far as I know my plugins (version 9.6 and newer) work perfectly with it.
So enjoy the update.

PS: Everyone who misses the Cocoa target, should go on the REALbasic beta program. My plugins are ready for Cocoa :-)

[ANN] More Documentation Examples

one of the most common request I have is more examples. So over the past weeks I added a lot of small example code pieces to the documentation.

In September 2009 we had 2000 samples and today we have 3000 samples.

If you need an example project for something or a sample in the documentation, please send us an email or use one of the feedback links.

REAL Server Plugin 0.4

For version 0.4 I added this math functions:

LogMBS(value as double) as double
The log() function computes the value of the natural logarithm of argument x.

Log10MBS(value as double) as double
The log10() function computes the value of the logarithm of argument x to base 10.

SqrtMBS(value as double) as double
sqrt(x) returns a NaN and generates a domain error for x < 0.

PowMBS(x as double, y as double) as double
The pow() functions compute x raised to the power y.

ExpMBS(value as double) as double
The exp() function computes e**x, the base-e exponential of x.

TruncMBS(value as double) as double
The trunc() functions return the integral value nearest to but no larger in magnitude than x.

RoundMBS(value as double) as double
The round() functions return the integral value nearest to x rounding half-way cases away from zero, regardless of the current rounding direction.

FloorMBS(value as double) as double
The floor() functions return the largest integral value less than or equal to x.

CeilMBS(value as double) as double
The ceil() functions return the smallest integral value greater than or equal to x.

More information:

Extract Movie Soundtrack 2.0

I updated my Extract Movie Soundtrack 2.0 freeware app. Now it is an universal application.
This small utility application was created to export the sound track of QuickTime movie files into AIFF files. This way I can take some of my movies and get the sound track into iTunes. In iTunes you can use the Advanced menu to convert the AIFF to MP3 or AAC to save space. Chapters in the movie are preserved.
Extract Movie Soundtrack Website

Prices adjusted

If you want to pay plugins using Paypal and you pay in US Dollar, you can take the chance and order now.
We calculate our prices in Euro and if the exchange rates between USD and Euro changes, we adjust our dollar prices.
So today the Complete License dropped from $284 to $274. :-)

One reason to upgrade REALbasic

If you use the Statusitems in REALbasic (NSStatusItemMBS class in Cocoa plugin) and you can't get mouse clicks in your document windows, you need to upgrade.
At least with current plugins and the NSStatusItem project you can test this. In RB 2009r2 everything works nice on Snow Leopard, but with RB 2007r2 it does not work.

Improvements on Bonjour classes

Call it Bonjour, Zeroconfig or DNSService. The plugin for doing Bonjour on Mac and Windows was rewritten the last days and now is more object orientated (= has a base class), uses newer REALbasic features (= uses shared methods), adds new constants for easier usage and lost a lot of old stuff (Mac OS Classic stuff).
If you like to try it, download 10.1pr9 later today.
For Windows you'll need to install iTunes or the Bonjour package.
The biggest plugin in space...


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