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Install REALServer on Linux

with this easy steps you get REALserver running on Linux:
  • Download REALserver.tgz from REALsoftware
  • Copy it to the linux machine and expand the archive there
  • open terminal
  • Use "cd" command to move to the folder (where the install.sh file is inside).
    In my case: cd Desktop/realserver
  • run sudo ./install.sh in the terminal
  • Now you find the installation in /opt/realsoftware/realserver
  • You can launch admin tool from terminal with this line:
    sudo "/opt/realsoftware/realserver/REAL Server Admin"
  • In the Admin tool go to the Server menu and Start the server there.
  • Now you can connect to the server.
  • Enjoy!
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22 11 09 - 12:04