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MBS Filemaker Plugin, version 4.2pr4

Tuesday 22 April 2014 at 2:09 pm
New in this prerelease of the 4.2 plugins:
  • Changed Variable checks in scripts to ignore variable names which end with three dots.
  • Changed Process.IsFrontMost to work on Windows, too.
  • Added Process.FrontProcessName and Process.FrontWindowTitle.
  • Updated CURL to version 7.36.0
  • The internal function to find Webviewer on Mac OS X in the front window now ignores the debugger window.
  • Reduced memory footprint of WebView.GetSourceData function.
  • Updated XCode to version 5.1.1 and rebuild everything.
  • Added JSON.GetArrayItemsAsList.
Download at monkeybreadsoftware.de/filemaker/files/Prerelease/ or ask for being added to the dropbox shared folder.

MBS Xojo / Real Studio Plugins, version 14.2pr4

Tuesday 22 April 2014 at 12:37 pm
New in this prerelease of the 14.2 plugins:
  • Added more WebPreferencesMBS properties.
  • Added barcode functions to write SVG/Postscript files.
  • Added QTTrackMBS.FileAlias function.
  • Added NSServiceProviderMBS class (to handle Mac OS X Services in Cocoa apps).
  • Added MaxMBS and MinMBS functions to MemoryBlock class.
  • Updated CURL to version 7.36.0
  • Added CIImageMBS and CGImageMBS functions to retain/release and query retaincount.
  • Warning: CIImageMBS.RenderPicture leaks on Mac OS X 10.9 currently. Looks like a leak in Apple's code.
  • Fixed bug in CURL's SetOptionHTTPHeader function when passing array with empty strings.
  • Fixed DatabaseRecord.BooleanColumn with using SQLDatabaseMBS.InsertRecord method.
  • Changed properties currentTime and numberOfLoops to be settable in AVAudioPlayerMBS class.
  • Improved internal string access to avoid extra conversion if text encoding is undefined.
  • Added movie.GWorldHandleMBS property.
  • Updated XCode to version 5.1.1 and rebuild everything.
  • Changed SQLCommandMBS.Fields to return dates correctly in the dictionary.
  • Changed properties in SQLConnectionMBS and SQLDatabaseMBS to not change error code in debugging, so you can see right error messages in debugger.
  • Fixed possible crash with invalid zxingResultMBS object.
  • Added more events to NSColorPanelMBS class.
  • Added example for accessing files with secured bookmarks in sandboxed apps.
  • Fixed bug in CFBookmarkMBS module with CFURL.
  • Fixed bug in SHA512MBS.HashText.
  • Added recursive parameter for NSViewMBS.subviews.
  • Deprecated DNSServiceDiscoveryDomainEnumerationMBS, DNSServiceDiscoveryBrowseMBS, DNSServiceDiscoveryResolveMBS and DNSServiceDiscoveryRegisterMBS. They'll be removed once we go to 64bit. Use DNSServiceBaseMBS and subclasses instead.
  • Fixed crash in DNSServiceBaseMBS destructor.
  • Fixed memory leak in CIContextMBS constructor taking picture.
Download: macsw.de/plugin/Prerelease. Or ask us to be added to our shared Dropbox folder.

Happy Easter 2014!

Sunday 20 April 2014 at 1:49 pm
With such a nice weather in Germany, we spend some time with family.

Picture from hiking through hills and vineyards in Moselle river valley. And on the right side you see the castle, the Reichsburg Cochem.

Wir wünschen frohe Ostern

Happy Easter - Buona Pasqua - Feliz Pascua - Joyeuses Pâques

CURL update coming

Saturday 19 April 2014 at 10:28 am
We update CURL to version 7.36.0. The current feature matrix is:
Mac OS X Windows Linux
dict yes yes yes
file yes yes yes
ftp yes yes yes
ftps yes yes yes
gopher yes yes yes
http yes yes yes
https yes yes yes
imap yes yes yes
imaps yes yes yes
ldap yes yes yes
ldaps yes no yes
pop3 yes yes yes
pop3s yes yes yes
rtsp yes yes yes
scp yes yes yes
sftp yes yes yes
smtp yes yes yes
smtps yes yes yes
telnet yes yes yes
tftp yes yes yes
Supports async DNS no yes no
Supports GSS negotiate no no no
Supports IDN no no yes
Supports IPv6 yes yes yes
Supports Kerberos 4 no no no
Supports large files yes yes yes
Supports LibZ yes yes yes
Supports NTLM yes yes yes
Supports SPNEGO no yes no
Supports SSL yes yes yes
Supports SSPI no no no
If you need a feature listed here with no, please contact us.

Xojo meeting in Bremen, Germany?

Tuesday 08 April 2014 at 10:09 pm
Next week I visit clients in Bremen, so how about having a xojo meeting for dinner?

Here is a survey for best time/date:

If we have a couple of people interested, we can look for a meeting place and reserve a table.
Topics can be Xojo Release 2014r1, MBS Plugins and of course the conferences.

MBS Filemaker Plugin, version 4.2pr3

Tuesday 08 April 2014 at 4:30 pm
New in this prerelease of the 4.2 plugins:
  • Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.1g.
  • Added Container.GetResolution function.
  • Changed Trace command to show DPI values in container as readable numbers.
Download at monkeybreadsoftware.de/filemaker/files/Prerelease/ or ask for being added to the dropbox shared folder.

MBS Xojo / Real Studio Plugins, version 14.2pr3

Tuesday 08 April 2014 at 1:19 pm
New in this prerelease of the 14.2 plugins:
  • Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.1g.
  • Added JoinDataMBS and JoinStringMBS functions.
  • Added NSBitmapImageRepMBS.imageRepWithCGImage function and remove constructor taking CGImage.
  • Improved StringHandleMBS class to avoid crashes in low memory situation. Now raises OutOfMemoryException.
  • Changed Commit/Rollback on SQLDatabaseMBS class to do commit.
  • Changed NSNotificationMBS to have more properties instead of methods.
  • Added IKImageBrowserViewControlMBS control.
  • Fixed DynaPDFMBS functions to handle color correct without swapping red and blue: HighlightOnAllPages, HighlightOnCurrentPage, SetFillColor and SetStrokeColor.
  • Fixed problem in EncodeToHTMLMBS function.
Download: macsw.de/plugin/Prerelease. Or ask us to be added to our shared Dropbox folder.

Xojo Desktop License in MacHeist Bundle

Monday 07 April 2014 at 10:48 am
You may not like the idea of such a bundle, but it seems like the MacHeist bundle may give us another 10000+ people with Xojo licenses.
If you need one, get the bundle. Maybe cheaper for some than an update, or if your license expired a good way to get a new one.
(and a second license would give you a second account and more voting power on the Feedback app)

I already got one and recommended it to a couple of friends. For $20 instead of $300, this is a good chance to take a look into Xojo.

PS: And remember: Even for a Mac bundle, a Desktop license covers Mac, Windows and Linux.

XojoScript Errors

Saturday 05 April 2014 at 10:48 pm
Today I had a job with XojoScript and wanted to have a textual message for the error.
So I joined some information from the documentation and the xojoscript plugin's interface to build a list of errors and their documented error message.

The function looks like this and I think it's very useful:
Function ErrorToText(error as XojoScript.Errors) As string Select case error case xojoscript.Errors.Syntax // 1 return "Syntax does not make sense." case xojoscript.Errors.TypeMismatch // 2 return "Type mismatch." case xojoscript.Errors.ParserStackOverflow // 5 return "The parser's internal stack has overflowed." case xojoscript.Errors.TooManyParameters // 6 return "Too many parameters for this function." case xojoscript.Errors.NotEnoughParameters // 7 return "Not enough parameters for this function call." ... end Select End Function

Download includes enumerations, text from wiki and the complete function: errordetails.zip

Thoughts on the 14.1 plugin release

Friday 04 April 2014 at 2:22 pm
For the Xojo journal I wrote a few comments to the last plugin release. Maybe you missed them:

When Mac OS X 10.8 was released, I checked what is new and maybe worth to make a plugin. So I found new frameworks like EventKit, Social and Accounts and made plugins for them. But half way I tried them and noticed that they are 64bit only. Now with 10.9 I checked again and found the MapKit framework from Apple to be 64bit only. As you may know the 64bit support in Xojo will come not before Q1/2015.

Luckily I found an open source MapKit framework which replicates the APIs from Apple, but uses Google's service. That's fine for me as I can later add a switch to use either 64bit Apple framework or the open source framework with Google. So for now you can use maps in your Cocoa Mac apps with Google. Much better than simply loading maps in htmlviewer.

When Xojo cloud was released I was curious to see what apps run on the server. As you may know we have no shell access, so I needed a plugin to check for me what is running. And voilá we got a new LinuxProcessMBS class to list the processes and some details.

The reason for the new proxy functions is simple: Some admins in big companies want to have all traffic go through proxies and use PAC files to define what goes through proxy and what direct. Now I never understood while we should use a proxy like this. If they'd use a transparent proxy, no configuration would be needed at all and they could still filter content and monitor what people do in the office.

But to allow Xojo made apps to use proxy configuration scripts, we added classes for Mac and Windows. They provide details on the configured proxy for the system and also help with running those javascript code in PAC files.

In the SQL plugin we got improvements every few months. This time we had a simple idea to fix an issue with prepared statement parameters. Whenever the SQL changes with a new additional parameter, the indexes would change. So now we can name those placeholders and fill them in bind command with names. That is very useful and less trouble for you and me.

MBS Xojo / Real Studio Plugins, version 14.2pr1

Wednesday 02 April 2014 at 10:38 pm
New in this prerelease of the 14.2 plugins:
  • Fixed several background tasks to execute events on main thread instead of a xojo thread. This should avoid ThreadAccessingUIException.
  • Fixed a bug in NSApplicationDelegateMBS.restoreWindowWithIdentifier event handler.
  • Updated XCode to version 5.1 and rebuild everything.
  • Added NSXPCConnectionMBS, NSXPCListenerMBS and NSXPCListenerEndpointMBS classes.
  • Fixed QTImporter so it initialize QuickTime internally and works again on Windows with Xojo 2014r1.
  • Added tag property to CLGeocoderMBS methods and CLGeocodeCompletionHandlerMBS.Completed event.
  • Improved GameKit plugin, so all tag parameters are now variants.
  • Fixed CGImageMBS.CreateImageWithHandle.
  • Added SQLNumericMBS.NumericWithCurrency and SQLNumericMBS.CurrencyValue.
  • Updated DynaPDF library to version
  • Improved NSColorPanelMBS class.
  • Fixed bugs in NSTextContainerMBS class.
  • Added NSAlertMBS class.
  • Changed our ThreadSafe functions for updating controls to detect if the window of the control was destroyed and not perform the command to avoid crashes.
  • Added HTMLViewer.IEZoomMBS function.
  • Deprecated BarcodeScannerMBS class. Please use newer zxing clases for that.
  • Fixed CURLMBS OpenMTInputFile functions to handle huge files on Windows better (over 2 GB).
  • Fixed CrashUglyMBS function.
  • Fixed FormatDateMBS function.
  • Fixed a crash with SANumericMBS constructor when passing empty string.
  • Updated GraphicsMagick to version 1.3.19 for Mac/Linux.
  • Added SQLDatabaseMBS and SQLConnectionMBS Scrollable properties to define if internal command objects are created for scrollable cursors. Default is true.
  • Fixed a bug with SQL plugin's exception handling and executing SQL commands in background threads (MT methods).
  • Added SQLNumericMBS shared methods to create SQLNumericMBS objects.
  • Changed properties on SQLNumericMBS class to be settable.
  • Updated LCMS2 library to version 2.6 final.
Download: macsw.de/plugin/Prerelease. Or ask us to be added to our shared Dropbox folder.

Update: Recompiled as pr2 to fix some issues with registration.

MBS Filemaker Plugin, version 4.2pr1

Wednesday 02 April 2014 at 9:41 pm
New in this prerelease of the 4.2 plugins:
  • Updated XCode to version 5.1 and rebuild everything.
  • Added AppleScript property functions.
  • Reduced memory footprint for PDFKit.GetPDFText function.
  • Added DynaPDF.FlattenAnnots and DynaPDF.FlattenForm.
  • Fixed problem in Hash.MD5 function.
  • Added functions for GZipFile compression and decompression (.gz files)
  • Changed all functions to return error messages and no longer error codes. Please use MBS("Error") to check if last function returned an error.
  • Changed PDFKit.Print to not scale down PDFs by default and added option to force scaling up/down to fit paper.
  • Changed UnZipFile.ReadToFile to output files bigger than 1 GB.
  • Changed ZipFile.WriteFile function to read file in block, so we can zip huge files (more than 1 GB).
  • Fixed PDFKit.ResetPrintSettings function.
  • Added Webview.setZoom function to zoom webviewer on Windows.
  • Fixed CURL.OpenInputFile functions to handle huge files on Windows better (over 2 GB).
  • Added sheet functions for dialogs.
  • Fixed bug in Process.IsRunning.
  • Updated GraphicsMagick to version 1.3.19 for Mac.
  • Fixed problem with GraphicsMagick.Frame functions when passing parameters.
Download at monkeybreadsoftware.de/filemaker/files/Prerelease/ or ask for being added to the dropbox shared folder.

Xojo Training Days in Konstanz, Germany

Wednesday 02 April 2014 at 7:33 pm
For our German speaking customers, we offer training days:

Für unsere deutschsprachigen Xojo Entwickler bieten wir dieses Jahr auch wieder eine Schulung an. Am 22. und 23. Mai 2014 im Viva Hotel in Konstanz. Lernen Sie neues über Xojo kennen, vertiefen Sie ihre Kenntnisse und tauschen Sie sich mit anderen Entwicklern aus. Das genaue Schulungsprogramm hängt natürlich davon ab, ob iOS am Tag der Schulung verfügbar ist in Xojo und welche Wünsche die Teilnehmer haben. Bitte bringen Sie Ihre Fragen mit.

Herzlich sind Sie auch eingeladen am 22. Mai abends vorbei zu schauen zu einem Xojo Stammtisch.

Das Programm aktuell:

21. Mai
ab 18:00 Abend vorher, Gemütliches Beisammensein.

22. Mai
ab 9:00 Xojo Schulung: Xojo Grundlagen für Einsteiger um Umsteiger.
ab 18:00 Xojo Stammtisch. Jedermann ist herzlich willkommen andere Xojo Entwickler kennen zu lernen.

23. Mai
ab 9:00 Xojo Schulung: Xojo für Fortgeschrittene

Treffen Sie andere Xojo bzw. Real Studio Entwickler und lernen Sie neues kennen aus Ihrer Lieblingsentwicklungsumgebung.

Für die Schulung haben wir folgende Themen im Angebot:

* Einführung in Xojo, Rundgang durch die Entwicklungsumgebung.
* Entwicklung einer Beispiel Anwendung mit Datenbank sowohl mit Desktop als auch für das Web.
* Programme ausliefern: Web Apps installieren, Build Scripte nutzen, Programme signieren.
* Anpassung von Web Anwendungen an Mobile Geräte.
* Client/Server Anwendungen entwickeln
* Falls iOS verfügbar ist bis zur Schulung: iOS App Einführung
* Und vieles mehr nach den Wünschen der Teilnehmer.

Mehr Informationen und Anmeldung auf unserer Webseite.

Die Veranstaltung findet statt, da sich schon einige Teilnehmer gefunden haben. Es sind aber noch einige Plätze frei.


Wednesday 02 April 2014 at 11:10 am
The pan-European Unconference, Barcamp, Meetup, Hangout… for FileMaker Developers.
Berlin, 2. - 4. June 2014

Website: dotfmp.com

Last year I visited this unconference in Berlin and enjoyed it. Maybe a chance for you to meet FileMaker developers from all around Europe?

FileMaker Meeting in Lorsbach (Taunus)

Tuesday 01 April 2014 at 5:48 pm
The regularly Filemaker meeting is again this Thursday:

FileMaker Stammtisch, 3rd April 2014, 7pm
Restaurant Linde von Lorsbach - Alt Lorsbach 21 - 65719 Hofheim

See you there!

MBS Xojo Developer Conference

Monday 31 March 2014 at 12:31 am
If you liked the Xojo Conference in Las Vegas, maybe you are looking forward to also visit our conference in Germany?

Hotel in Koblenz is reserved for 17th to 20th September 2014.

17th - training in German
18th and 19th - conference in English
20th - training in English

Registration is open and we are looking for speakers. If you are interested in coming, you can already email me to put you on the list.

And after the conference you can take train to Munich for the start of the Oktoberfest. ICE from Koblenz brings you saturday morning in just 5 hours to Munich where you can enjoy the great opening at noon. Due to size of festival I would recommend getting a hotel 100 miles outside of Munich and take the trains in and out.

Website is here: monkeybreadsoftware.de/realbasic/events/

Pictures from the Xojo Developer Conference

Saturday 29 March 2014 at 3:20 pm
Here a few pictures from the conference:

You probably read Bob's report, but I can add that new compiler is scheduled for Q1/2015. So when that means we have a beta in Q1, maybe a good working one in Q2?

For iOS, well, they target to get it out in Summer for alpha/beta. But this first version will probably not support plugins, e.g. linking in static libraries and calling them with declares. I have no problem providing a library for Xojo iOS with wrapper classes in Xojo which declare to the functions in a static library to get DynaPDF, SQL and ChartDirector to the iPhone/iPad. But we'll see how soon that's possible.

My Session at the Xojo Conference

Friday 28 March 2014 at 05:12 am
My session was moved to just after the lunch, so if you plan to come, please check the updated schedule tomorrow.

Tip of the day: Change EXIF metadata

Wednesday 26 March 2014 at 1:33 pm
Our XMP plugin can read/write EXIF metadata, IPTC and of course the XMP values:

dim file as FolderItem = SpecialFolder.Desktop.Child("test.jpg") // use XMPFilesMBS to open file dim flags as integer = XMPFilesMBS.kOpenForUpdate dim xf as new XMPFilesMBS(file, XMPFilesMBS.kUnknownFile, flags) // now read the metadata dim xmp as new XMPMetaMBS dim PacketInfo as XMPPacketInfoMBS dim xmppacket as string if xf.GetXMP(xmp, xmppacket, PacketInfo) then // set a value like here a different GPS altitude xmp.SetProperty xmp.kNS_EXIF, "GPSAltitude", "24695/43" // update file if xf.CanPutXMP(xmp) then xf.PutXMP(xmp) xf.CloseFile(XMPFilesMBS.kUpdateSafely) else MsgBox "Can't update." end if end if

Sneak Peak

Tuesday 25 March 2014 at 10:41 pm
The conference room is located on second floor and today staff was putting in tables and chairs.

See you there tomorrow!

Registration starts today at 7pm in main foyer (also tomorrow 7am there).

Tonight you can come to The Pub (there is only one pub in Monte Carlo) and try one of over hundred different beer types.

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