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Some Feedback Reports you may want to support

With more than 4000 active reports in feedback app, we want to point to a few which you may be interested in. This time everything is related to the REAL Studio Web Edition:
  • 13839: WebEdition: Leaking memory
    • Any Web Application crashes after something like 200 sessions.
  • 14950: Please add WebPicture constructor taking a picture
    • Recompressing JPEGs makes the quality go down. Better pass JPEG/PNG data directly.
  • 14949: application launch timed out message annoying
    • Didn't you see that dialog, too?
  • 14947: We need a way to check the files selected by a user before uploading using WebFileUploader
    • The user should not upload 1 GB big files or videos into a picture list.
  • 15042: Need targetweb constant
    • For conditional compilation of code in external project items
Check also the older list of urgent feedback items.
If you like, please add them to your favorites, rank them in your top 5 and add your comments.

PS: If you find something in our plugins, please report as soon as possible. Especially if you have a function, you'd like to use and it's not available in console application.
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