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Some Feedback Reports you may want to support

With more than 4000 active reports in feedback app, we want to point to a few which you may be interested in:
  • 14520: Missing Plugin Exception: Missing Plugins or DLL Libs folder gives cryptic RuntimeError window BevelButton.DeleteAllRows
    • Any of your applications will show cryptic message if a dll is missing.
  • 10827: IDE : leaks memory, then fails around 2GB RSIZE
    • Take a big project and compile it 20 times and REAL Studio will crash.
  • 14145: Have the compiler check for correct constructor chains
    • Existing code breaks if one of the super classes had no constructor before and you add one, as subclasses don't call it.
  • 11391: Allow Graphics Subclasses
    • This would allow to make a graphics class for DynaPDF for easier PDF output. And we could use reports in REAL Studio and produce PDF directly.
  • 12072: REALbasic crashes when C++ raises exception in out of memory situation
    • This affects all targets on all platforms: run out of address space and your app dies.
If you like, please add them to your favorites, rank them in your top 5 and add your comments.
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