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MBS REALbasic Plugins, version 10.6pr9

New in this prerelease of the 10.6 plugins:
  • Added QTKitModuleMBS module and a lot of methods to existing QTKit classes.
  • DarwinResourceUsageMBS class works on Linux.
  • In console applications the plugin has problems accessing the Graphics.DrawPicture method, so all the picture functions combining a picture and a mask to a new picture will fail. This affects for example the StringToPicture methods if you have a mask. See Feedback Case 15019. We include a work around for some cases with our own code for non scaling DrawPicture commands.
  • Added MemoryBlock.ExpandBitsMBS.
  • BMPStringtoPictureMBS now supports upside down images.
  • ExchangeFilesMBS works now better on Windows.
  • Changed memory management of the JPEG functions on Windows to avoid temporary files (like Mac and Linux).
  • Changed the Eyeone Plugin for Windows. The Windows DLL is now longer included. You need to order you own SDK first. Than you can still drag and drop the current DLL into your project and call LoadInternalDLL passing the string with the DLL data.
Download: macsw.de/plugin/Prerelease
17 12 10 - 22:23