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20000 members in Xojo forum

Have you recently visited the Xojo forum?
There are now over 20000 members. At least that much people got the basic badge.

The forum has been steadily growing over the years and recently I think the activity increased since Xojo Inc. installed the new forum software. We just interact usually with the about 1000 people being active on the forum. The majority of members just comes from time to time to search for a tip on an issue and never ask something. I personally know a few people in Germany, which are not good in English and will probably never post, but read a little bit with help of translation software. Something like 500 people are regularly posting on the forum. And the ones we know personally have come to one of the Xojo conferences.

Since Xojo added more targets over the years, the user base got diversified a lot. 10 years ago we were mostly desktop database developers, but now you have lots of web development, some iOS developers and even people only writing utility for small linux boxes like the Raspberry Pi.

Over the years we have seen people come and go. With 20 years in business, we have seen clients get engaged, get married and raise children. Other have used our products and retired or passed away. There is always change in the member list with people coming and going.

As we make plugins for both Xojo and FileMaker, we saw quite a few people using both FileMaker and Xojo. And you may remember the table on one of the past Xojo conferences with FileMaker developers meeting there to discuss their projects? Always use the right tool for the right job!

Earlier in October 2017, we reported 18000 users and the old Real Studio forum topped at about 7500 users.
Looking forward to celebrate 25000 users. We can still take bets on what year that will be.
19 04 21 - 16:08