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xDev Magazine Issue 16.3

The May/June (16.3) issue of xDev Magazine is now available. Here's a quick preview of what's inside:

Farewell New Framework by Marc Zeedar
Big announcements were made at this year's Xojo Developers Conference in Denver, Colorado in late April. Find out all the details here!

A Roundabout Way to Denver by Marc Zeedar
As usual, Marc likes to do things the hard way. Instead of a quick flight to Denver and a stay in a comfy hotel, he decided to drive 1300 miles and sleep in his car. Er, what?!

Give Yourself to the Dark Side by Sam Rowlands
Apple has added "dark mode" support in recent OS updates, but using it in the best way can be tricky. Sam demonstrates how by creating a custom slider control.

A Predicate For Data, Part 2 by JC Cruz
This time Jose adds new features to his data predicate class.

Plus: Xojo 2018r1, refactoring, PITR, MailgunX, and more! The biggest plugin in space...
09 05 18 - 22:16