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XDC 2018 Session Videos

The XDC Videos are available.

You can get over 30 videos from the sessions for download in your Xojo account, if you visited the conference. All others, can buy the video pack for just $399 USD in the Xojo Store.

Here is the list of all tracks:
1Android Update Presentation34:45
1Ask the Engineers36:38
1New IDE Features37:48
1SQLite Presentation46:17
1Web Framework38:57
1Windows Presentation43:39
2Advanced Reporting In Xojo50:39
2Aloe Express59:53
2Database Driven Web Apps54:12
2Databases 10144:55
2Factoring Project Testability51:47
2Lean On Me (the Compiler)45:58
2Leveraging LLVM42:53
2Practical Color Management48:06
2Rapid Database Application51:34
2Rest API54:18
2SELECT encrypted data52:02
2Use Monkeybread Plugins32:30
2Web Server For Mobile Apps43:16
3Anatomy Of An IOS App51:36
3Being Successful With An IOS App38:30
3Mastering The Dialog Box Part 250:09
3Mastering The Dialog Box39:14
3Moving Beyond Example Files40:24
3Policies Procedures & Processes51:21
3Project Management46:56
3Searching For Code54:37
3Tip Control SF59:15
3Using OPP52:02
In total over 24 hours of Xojo knowledge.

Sign up today for the next conferences: PS: Today is the XDC 2018 Recap webinar. The biggest plugin in space...
08 05 18 - 17:45