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MBS FileMaker Plugin registration dialogs

Sometimes you may see a dialog from our plugin with a message about your license for our plugin. You can read the message carefully and see what the problem is. Usually it's not difficult, but to help, here a few common dialogs:

This dialog simply tells you that no license key was used and Register function never called. The dialog includes the version of the plugin "", the name of the function called "SystemInfo.HostName" and a few numbers. First number is how often Register was called and here it's zero. Sometimes it shows a high number, if a script tried to register with an invalid or expired key very often.

The second dialog shows you that your license key expired. To help you find the script, we include the key there for reference.

The third dialog shows that you called Register really often, here eight times. Better check scripts on what is going on. We recommend to check with MBS("IsRegistered") = 0 to make sure you only register when needed.

The forth dialog shows you that a license key is not allowed for the current platform. e.g. iOS license in FileMaker Pro, a Server key in a Runtime or a RunTime key on a server. If you need, you can always upgrade to our ProDeveloper license which includes servers, iOS, Runtimes and clients.

If you have trouble, please do not hesitate to contact us. In fact, with a valid license key, you should never see those dialogs.
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29 01 18 - 16:58