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MBS Xojo Plugin registration dialogs

Sometimes you may see a dialog from our plugin with a message about your license for our plugin. You can read the message carefully and see what the problem is. Usually it's not difficult, but to help, here a few common dialogs:

This dialog simply tells you that no license key was used and Register function never called. The dialog includes the name of the plugin "Overlay", the version of the plugin "17.4", the date it was compiled "Sep 25 2017" and the process ID. The last one helps to figure out which application shows the dialog in case you have several candidates. Simply lookup in Task Monitor, Activity Monitor or any other tool which application has this process ID. Than you can add your license call in app.open event and enjoy our plugins.
While you debug the application, we do not show this dialog, so you only see it in built applications.

The second dialog simply tells you about an outdated license key. So your key is from 2017 and the plugin from 2018, so please order an update.

The third dialog appears when you use the plugin in your application before calling the register function. Later when you register, we notify you that the plugin was used before license dialog showed up. This can cause problems like, one part of the plugins misses license key (used before), but other parts have a license. Please make sure registration is done early in the application.

For the forth dialog, you need to mix different version of the plugins. That is a bad idea as we change data structures for C++ from time to time. If two plugin parts share the same data structures and they have a different layout, the application may crash accessing values there. Luckily the plugin tells you the names of both parts and the process ID, so you can locate the application.
Sometimes this happens, when you install an newer over an older application and some DLLs are not properly updated.

If you have trouble, please do not hesitate to contact us. In fact, with a valid license key, you should never see those dialogs.
29 01 18 - 16:41