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Xojo Feedback Success rate

The Xojo feedback system is a huge bug and feature wish tracker. It currently has over 45000 items inside. This is really a lot for a company of that size. Each day a dozen issues are reported and someone at Xojo Inc. has to review them. Initial review is often done by Robin, who will often ask for more information or directly assign your request to the engineer who may have interest in it. The bug report than has status Reviewed, often for years. What you don't see are the private entries for Xojo Inc. Engineers write ideas and discussions to the bug report. Is this issue related to others? How could it be done? How long would it take and how important is it?

Over the years I contributed 1117 cases there:

1117 Status Percent
1Open0,1 %
2scheduled0,2 %
3Completed & Fixed0,3 %
5Need Review0,4 %
21Implemented1,9 %
24resolved2,1 %
24Closed (Duplicate)2,1 %
28Closed (Already Exists)2,5 %
40Closed (by Design)3,6 %
56Closed (Won’t Implement)5,0 %
90Closed (Misc)8,1 %
97N/A8,7 %
108Closed (Not Reproducible)9,7 %
121verified10,8 %
220Fixed & Verified19,7 %
277Reviewed24,8 %

As you can see I have a lot of cases. Some even lost their status. This happens often if the type of the cases switched and the new status is not applicable for the new case type. Overall I have 268 (24%) of my cases being completed, fixed or resolved. I think this is an impressive rate, if you think that Xojo Inc. is a company with very limited resources.

So please participate. When Xojo Inc. looks for things to do for next release, they will look into the feedback app. What cases have a high voting? What cases are important to people or to engineers? What bugs are critical? There are thousands of cases with nice to have things and some get done, too. Other cases get a clearly no, which is often very difficult to decide. The 96 cases I have which got closed with "Won't implement" or "By Design" status, disappointed me of course. But other cases have been resolved or fixed the same day I reported them. My success rate of 24% makes me happy here and continues my hope that I can change Xojo to be more like I need it to be.

So please participate. Bugs can only be fixed if someone enters them in Feedback. Feature wishes will easier be seen if you assign your points to cases. And remember: Just because someone complains on the forum or mailing list about an issue will not change anything unless it is in feedback and everyone can check status there. So if you see a good feature request or a bug somewhere, please report it, so it's not lost.

PS: For my own plugins I do similar. We can discuss plugin wishes a lot. I usually will tell to send me an email to follow up. Because I often forget the wishes or bug reports soon. And if nobody sends me an email, it is probably not important.
03 10 16 - 13:08