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XojoTalk podcast

The XojoTalk podcast just got it's twenty second episode. So go and listen to it!
  1. Shoving Phones In Their Pockets with Geoff Perlman
  2. That's A Lot Of Tens with Bob Keeney
  3. Developer of Long Standing with Eric Gibbon
  4. Grizzled Veterans with Travis Hill
  5. Where's My Column? with Marc Zeedar
  6. I have no idea what you're talking about with Kem Tekinay
  7. Snowgun with Kevin Cully
  8. Really Wicked with Hal Gumbert
  9. It's my dog with Norman Palardy
  10. Strap a Mac Pro to my wrist with Tim Dietrich
  11. The forum is my personal training ground with Tim Hare
  12. Shipping is a feature with Paul Levine
  13. Hockey Programmer with Mike Cotrone
  14. Software Maniacs with Ken Whitaker
  15. Type my password like an animal with Justin Elliott
  16. Magical Toolkit with Craig Boyd
  17. I Keep My Secrets to Myself with Bruno Frechette and Jonanthan Guillemette
  18. Not The Pi You Eat with Geoff Perlman
  19. Ghost Touches with Geoff Perlman
  20. Spoiler Alert with Bob Keeney and Marc Zeedar
  21. Enterprise Consulting with Arthur Couture and Tom Rupprecht
  22. I Like Things That Just Work with Tim Parnell
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