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Install FileMaker 14 Server on Windows 10

First, FileMaker doesn't support Windows 10 yet. The installer fails with error message "IIS Application Request Routing (ARR) is required.." for me.

The instructions from Peter Wood helped. So I downloaded and installed Application Request Routing 3.0 myself.

Next I launched the FileMaker Server installer (14v2) and cancelled it after it decompressed. Than I changed the "Assisted Install.txt" file in the Files folder with installation files to have the license key and name already, so I don't need to enter it myself.

In the setup.ini I had to remove below the [ISSetupPrerequisites] section the first four lines for Application Request Routing. I installed this software myself before and FileMaker's installer fails to download it.

To run the installer, I run cmd to open a terminal window. There I use cd to go into the folder and run this command line:

setup.exe /V"/log FM14InstallLog.log ARRINSTALLED=1"

Please mind the quotes. The installer runs through like usual and I can setup my admin account.

Finally I have a FileMaker 14 Server running on Windows 10 with MBS Plugins and no problems so far :-) Claris FileMaker Plugin
23 09 15 - 16:46