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RecordSet news

For our SQL plugin, we have an existing function CloneRecordSetMBS to clone a recordset. Now we also add a function BuildRecordSetMBS to create a RecordSet from scratch with an array of field names and an array of values. Currently string only, but I think this is enough to fill the Report functions in Real Studio on the fly with data.

Also to make use of our SQL plugin easier, we add a SQLCommandMBS.AsRecordSet function to get a RecordSet for an existing SQLCommandMBS. So you can do your query with our command object, set all flags and later get a RecordSet to run your normal code. So you can pass the RecordSet to the report functions, too.

This will be included in the next prerelease of 13.0 plugins. The biggest plugin in space...
29 12 12 - 00:08