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LibXL 3.4.0 has been released

  • Added support of xlsm files
  • Added UTF-8 support (mode is activated with book.setLocale("UTF-8"))
  • Fixed bugs with loading some xls and xlsx files
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Numbers for Mac
  • Added support of empty cells in Sheet.cellFormat()
  • changed format picture property from "Move but don't size with cells" to "Move and size with cells"
  • Fixed Sheet.setNamedRange(), Sheet.setPrintArea() and Sheet.setName() methods for sheet's names with spaces (xlsx)
  • Fixed bugs with some formula expressions with IF and AND functions (xls)
  • Fixed bug with saving multi formatted cells in xlsx files
  • Fixed bug in Book.delSheet() for xlsx files
  • Fixed bug with reading some kind of error values
  • Fixed issues with adding pictures into preloaded workbooks with pictures (xls)
  • Fixed bug in Book.saveRaw() method (xls)
  • Fixed possible memory leaks due to mismatched malloc/free functions (xlsx)
  • Fixed bug in Sheet.cellFormat()
  • Fixed bug with format/font inheritance for xlsx files
  • Fixed Sheet.setPrintRepeatCols() method for xlsx files
This will be included in next plugin prerelease. The biggest plugin in space...
26 12 12 - 23:31