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Speed of Microsoft SQL Access

We just got a nice compliment from a customer. They started with Real Studio and did some testings with connecting to Microsoft SQL Databases. In their tests the plugin from Real Software to connect to MSSQL was much too slow. It app was frozen with processing a 100 records. They even considered dropping Real Studio, but luckily they discovered our SQL plugin.

A speed comparison with same database and same hardware with MSSQL 2008 for processing 32,000 records shows this results:

Real Studio MSSQL Plugin: 2.5 hours if it does not crash!
MBS Real Studio SQL Plugin: 14 minutes

So this client is happy and enjoys our plugin and continues with Real Studio.
Your milage may vary as those benchmarks depend on a lot of parameters. But at least you should keep your database code able to switch so you can compare between various plugins.

PS: With MBS Real Studio SQL Plugin we also connect to Mircosoft SQL Server from Mac and Linux using freetds library which is not supported by Real Software's plugin. The biggest plugin in space...
07 12 12 - 12:12