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Real World Sessions announced and training

Real World 2013 is less than five months away and Real Software announced today the session list:
  • Advanced Object Oriented Design in Real Studio, Seth Verrinder
  • Advanced Topics in Web Apps, Greg O'Lone
  • Basics of Object Oriented Design in Real Studio, Seth Verrinder
  • Cloud Sync Without iCloud, Stephen Dodd
  • Creating Smart Apps Using Real Studio, Trisha Duke
  • Database Code Hoarders: Buried Alive, Jared Zelek
  • Database Design 101, Norman Palardy
  • Design Patterns, Jared Zelek
  • Designing Cross-Platform Apps, Paul Lefebvre
  • Developing Linux Apps, William Yu
  • Developing Windows Apps, William Yu
  • How to Succeed in Business Using Real Studio, Richard Duke
  • Intermediate Database Coding Techniques, Bob Keeney
  • Introduction to the Web Control SDK, Greg O'Lone
  • Introduction to Web Applications, Greg O'Lone
  • iOS Basic, Joe Strout
  • iOS Advanced, Joe Strout
  • MonkeyBread Software Plugins Overview, Christian Schmitz
  • New Framework: What, When and Why, Joe Strout
  • New IDE Tips and Tricks, Thom McGrath
  • Optimizing Code, Kem Tekinay
  • Reporting Tools, Bob Keeney
  • Scaling Web Apps, Travis Hill
  • SQL 101, Norman Palardy
  • Unit Testing: What and Why, Scott Boss
  • Using 3rd Party Web Services, Paul Lefebvre
  • Using Source Control, Paul Lefebvre
  • Wifi Sync, Stephen Dodd
Also available is a Pre-Conference Training Day from BKeeney Software. So see you on the conference and maybe I even come to the training to say Hello and answer some questions. The biggest plugin in space...
05 12 12 - 22:46