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Arbed 1.6

We got this press release today:

Arbed is a tool to perform advanced editing operations with Real Studio projects, such as:

  • Comparing two projects, seeing and merging them in a structured manner much better than what an be achieved using plain text files (such as xml and rbvcp).
  • Greatly assist in preparing an existing app for localization by turning strings in your code into dynamic ones, all in one go.
  • Advanced search & replace functions, even scriptable.
Version 1.6 adds the following features:
  • Reads and writes VCP (.rbvcp) projects, too
  • String Obfuscation lets you conveniently hide your texts (e.g. SQL statements) from hackers.
For more information see tempel.org/Arbed

We use it a lot here at Monkeybread Software, so we can recommend it to everyone for special tasks which the Real Studio IDE can't do. For example we use it to produce the HTML versions of the example projects which we include in our documentation. The biggest plugin in space...
04 12 12 - 21:59