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Real Studio Conference news

  • We got already a few registrations. Please sign up soon if you like to participate.
  • Geoff Perlman will do a Video Chat with us and talk about Real Studio 2013 and we expect a demonstration of the new iOS Target.
  • Robin Lauryssen-Mitchell will make a presentation about Feedback reports.
  • Peter Monadjemi offered to present about moving from Visual Studio to Real Studio.
  • Heinz Jürgen Groß will share his knowledge about color management and give some tips about porting applications from .NET to Real Studio.
  • Roland Stephan shows about using XML for storing data with introspection and also presents a web app made with Real Studio which is used for the Darmstadt Artists Directory.
More details on the conference website and training website.
12 10 12 - 18:54