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Functions added on the Filemaker Conference

In the last three days I got a lot of requests and ideas for new plugin features. And between the discussions I had some spare time for coding. So we got this new functions:
  • SystemInfo.Time
    Queries current system time in seconds with nanosecond precision. Good for timing how long something takes.
  • FM ExecuteSQL LastErrorMessage
    After executing a FileMaker SQL command, this function can give you the error message. Normally you only see the error in the data viewer in Filemaker, but here you can get the error in a script.
  • WebView RenderImage
    For Windows, I added some support to this function. Basically we print to an image. But some websites don't like that and some things simply do not print.
  • WebView RenderPDF
    This is a new function for Mac OS X to render a website to a PDF. Nice for storing a screenshot of a website. This gives sharp text and is often smaller than just a screenshot.
  • WebView Screenshot
    As Windows made trouble with getting image, I also added a screenshot function. This one takes a screenshot of exactly the position of the webviewer. This way you have a preview of the website to store, like for a thumbnail.
Have a nice year and see you again 2013 on the next conference in San Diego or Salzburg.
14 10 12 - 01:41