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MBS Xojo Conference Update

About two months left until we start our MBS Xojo Developer Conference in Andernach, Germany.

More attendees

We got a few more registrations so we can add Denmark, Sweden and Austria to the country list:

🇩🇪, 🇳🇱, 🇬🇧, 🇺🇸, 🇫🇷, 🇨🇭, 🇪🇸, 🇨🇦, 🇵🇱, 🇦🇹, 🇩🇰 & 🇸🇪

New Session

Jeremy will come and talk about handling exceptions. Of course you can ask him questions about mobile development as he has a very successful iOS app business using Xojo.

Managing exceptions like a pro
Detecting bugs and fixing them is very important as a developer.
Managing exceptions can take a lot of time to implement. This session will present Sentry.io using an open-source set of classes written in Xojo.
by Jérémie Leroy

City or nature walk

We have over ten wives joining their husband coming to Andernach, who do not join the conference sessions, but explore the area. My wife Monika offers a walking tour through the city to show a bit of nature, culture and history.

For the Friday there is the possibility to take the bus and e.g. go to the Laacher See area. Learn something about a volcano, visit the monastery, the shops there, watch the video presentation about it and walk to the lake, visit the restaurant and enjoy the nature there.

Meeting point will be 9 o'clock on 25th April 2024 downstairs in the hotel lobby.

If you have questions, you can reach Monika at post@diewaldmeisterin.com

Another Speaker?

We may have one session available for someone to fill. Please let us know if you are interested to propose an interesting topic

Hotel rooms

The hotel has a few more rooms available.

Please let us know if someone likes to join the conference or needs a reservation.

Train tickets

A quick info for anyone buying train tickets from Deutsche Bahn for their traveling:

Trains come in different levels. Local trains are cheaper and slower than the tickets for IC/EC trains, which are also cheaper than ICE trains.

We have regular flex tickets, which allow you to take earlier or later trains on the same day on the same level to reach your destination. That may be useful if you arrive by airplane and you don't know how long it takes to get baggage.

The cheaper tickets usually are tied to a certain train. If the train is late by 20 minutes or cancelled, you can take another train (same level) to reach your destination. But if you miss that train, you buy a new one-way ticket to take the next train.

Finally it may be useful to have your tickets not just on one mobile phone, but maybe also a printed copy or as PDF on your laptop. You know, in case your battery dies, to have a second way to present it.

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