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MBS Xojo Plugins, version 23.6pr1

New in this prerelease of the 23.6 plugins:
  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Updated SQLAPI to version 5.3.
  • Added FullyQualifiedFieldName property to DynaPDFFieldExMBS class.
  • Added karFormData and kaffNonPDFA_4e constants to DynaPDFMBS class.
  • Added Hidden attribute to JSONIteratorMBS, XMLIterateAttributeNodesMBS, XMLIterateChildNodesMBS, XMLIterateElementsMBS, DynaPDFIteratorMBS and PCRE2IteratorMBS classes to hide it from auto complete. Since you use it via for each loops indirectly, you never need to use these classes directly.
  • Changed CallDelegateOnMainThreadMBS delegates to be hidden for auto complete.
  • Fixed GetDelegateParametersMBS, GetDelegateTargetMBS and GetDelegateWeakMBS functions to work better in newer Xojo versions.
  • Fixed an endless loop in JSONMBS class when running Search function with a bad query. Now propergates the exception properly.
  • Fixed JSON, DynaPDF and plugin to compile again with Xojo 2019r1.
  • Added SortArrayMBS methods to sort with/without a delegate and ascending or descending.
  • Updated openssl library to version 3.1.4.
  • Optimized text handling to be faster, which affects various string functions like ContainsWholeWordMBS.
  • Added CopyArrayMBS methods to copy array data to second array of same type.
  • Added target flags to our delegates to make sure they are available on the right targets.
  • Updated to LCMS 2.16fc1.
  • Improved array access for the plugins.
  • Added checks for fillSeries and fillDateSeries in CDRanSeriesMBS class to better handle if arrays are nil.
  • Improved array conversion from Xojo array to JSONMBS array.
  • Fixed crash in NSIndexPathMBS when passing nil array to Constructor or indexPathWithIndexes method.
  • Improved NSSearchFieldControlMBS to scroll horizontally.
  • Added DynaPDFParserMBS class.
  • Fixed some flags for delegates to work better in the future.
  • Added cmsV2Unicode function to LCMS2ProfileMBS class.
  • Added Scrollable property to NSSearchFieldMBS class.
  • Added more properties to CURLEmailMBS class for debugger.
  • Updated SQLite to version 3.44.1.
  • Added ApplyMergePatch, ApplyPatch, MergePatchFromDiff, PatchFromDiff to JSONMBS class.
  • Fixed string parser in LargeNumberMBS to not break on a minus sign sometimes.
  • Added BigNumberConversionMBS class.
  • Added new GetStringValue and SetStringValue methods to BigNumberMBS class.
  • Added new GetStringValue and SetStringValue methods to LargeNumberMBS class with more options.
  • Fixed OpenMTInputFile method in CURLSMBS class to remove InputData first.
  • Fixed SetupAWS and SetupOAuth in CURLSMBS class to reset NoBody flag if new transfer is not head.
  • Implemented EOF and BOF for SQL Plugin for RowSets to make for-each loops work better, but AutoCache may need to be enabled if the database doesn't allow MoveFirst like SQLite.
  • Added isBOF and isEOF to SQLCommandMBS class.
  • Improved WindowsDeviceInformationPairingMBS class to keep reference to the device object.
  • Fixed a possible crash in SQLConnectionMBS destructor.
Download: monkeybreadsoftware.de/xojo/download/plugin/Prerelease/
Or ask us to be added to our shared DropBox folder. The biggest plugin in space...
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