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MBS Plugin 13.3 for Claris FileMaker

Nickenich, Germany - (July 18th, 2023) -- MonkeyBread Software today is pleased to announce MBS FileMaker Plugin 13.3 for Claris FileMaker for macOS, iOS, Linux and Windows, the latest update to their product that is easily the most powerful plugin currently available for Claris FileMaker produce line. As the leading database management solution for Windows, macOS, iOS and the web, the Claris FileMaker Pro Integrated Development Environment supports a plugin architecture that can easily extend the feature set of the application. MBS FileMaker Plugin 13.3 has been updated and now includes over 7100 different functions, and the versatile plugin has gained more new functions:

With this version, we switch from OpenSSL 1.1 to the newer version 3.1.1. While you may not notice the difference from the outside, the inside is updated for Encryption, CURL, WebHook, Archive and Sign functions. Since the new OpenSSL 3 deactivates less secure ciphers by default, you can enable them again with CURL.SetOptionSSLCipherList function if needed.

Our new Preview functions allow you to add a preview control on a FileMaker layout. Independent from FileMaker, you can show PDF documents on macOS and Windows.

To improve JSON processing, we got the JSON.GetArrayItemsAsQuickList function to split a JSON array into a quick list. The JSON entries can then be changed and later reassembled with the QuickList.JoinJSON function. If you look for matching entries in a JSON array structure, check the JSON.FilterObjectArray function to look for matching objects.

For macOS we localized our user interface, so you can use the preferences dialog in one of 12 languages. Enjoy auto completion in the custom function dialog with the function-F5 shortcut. We improved our clickable links in Script Workspace to include links in calculations.

We enhanced our Matrix functions to output the content of the matrix to HTML with the Matrix.HTML function. And a matrix can be written to a sheet in an Excel workbook with XL.Sheet.CellWriteMatrix function.

For DynaPDF we got new functions to create reset and submit actions for forms and adding fields to them. The DynaPDF.CreateAnnotAP function creates a custom appearance stream for an annotation. For tagged PDF formats, you can use DynaPDF.OpenTagEx and related functions to add tags as needed. And the DynaPDF.AddDPartNode allows to add Document Part Metadata right within your PDF document.

We got a Files.DeleteLater function to remove temporary files when the application quits. The GMImage.Describe function can provide various details for an image as text to show to the user and OCR results can be returned as JSON with OCR.GetTextAsJSON function. The WebHook can now use a password protected private key for WebHook.SetSSL function, Text.ConcatWithDelimiter can help to concat texts with a given delimiter and Schedule.SetEnabled lets you disable or enable schedules. The audit functions now better return SQL errors, the XL.Sheet.SetColPx and XL.Sheet.SetRowPx functions can set column widths or row heights in pixel instead of characters.

Finally we updated CURL library to version 8.1.2, DynaPDF to, LibSSH to 1.11.0, LibXL to 4.2, MongoDB-c library to 1.23.4, openssl to 3.1.1 and SQLite to version 3.42.0.

See release notes for a complete list of changes.

Claris FileMaker Plugin
18 07 23 - 10:26