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One year CURL sponsor

We are happy to sponsor the CURL project for a year now. And maybe your company could also find and support an open source project?
Join in and Sponsor!
Please consider sponsoring the project. Maintaining, bug tracking, hosting and supporting this project requires resources. You can help!
We do not consider single-shot donations as "sponsorships". Those are donations and while welcome, they will not be honored by a mention here. Sponsors mentioned here keep supporting the project long-term by covering some sort of notable cost to the benefit of the project and its users.
The best way to sponsor this project is to allow a paid engineer or two to spend work hours on curl. Responding to email and writing curl improvements. Alternatively, donate to curl on the opencollective page.
We promise to use donated funds only for things and activities that we believe are beneficial for the project and its development. That includes but is not limiting us to bug-bounties, developer conferences, infrastructure, services and hardware.
We let it run and enjoy being on the sponsor slide for the regular curl presentations:
11 05 23 - 17:17