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One week until XDC 2023

Just one week until the Xojo Developer Conference starts in London.
Tuesday evening, we will come to the hotel and meet everyone at the bar. I know already, that everyone of the usual suspects will not be there, but I look forward to see a few old friends and clients. For me this is like an extended family meeting once a year.

We are probably all curious to see what Xojo Inc. prepared. Geoff will make this keynote and talk about what is new in Xojo. The big elephant in the room is of course the progress on the new Android target. We look forward to learn what goes into the first release and when it may come out for the public. Once the public release happens (later this year?), a lot of more Xojo developers have the chance to try it and so we hope the on-boarding is done well to avoid a lot of support questions. Next we look forward to learn what they do next in Android. The first version will miss a lot of things, so a plan on what comes for a second or third update would be great.

Where we come to the roadmap things, we'd love to get an update on each of them. You probably remember Geoff talking about managing expectations. So providing details about each roadmap item would be good. Like what is the status, what work has been done the last months and what things can get finished and ship this year? Or next year? Well, at least giving some context to each roadmap item would be nice, so we learn the concept behind. Details, limits, features and maybe a quick look on the current work in-progress. And yes, we are developers and know that development isn't linear and things may get delayed.

A status update on the company and the community would be nice to have. How is the company doing? How are sales? The community? Are there any new initiatives coming to improve something? How are reactions on newer things like ARM 64-bit support for Windows and Linux?

When the conference comes to a close, we can evaluate how it went. What about a 2024 conference? It could be a bit different, e.g. how about doing more training, or more social interaction, maybe not a fancy hotel in a big city? You know, a small hotel up in the mountains may provide a better place to have a conference, do some coding together, learn new techniques and get to know other developers better.

See you next week!
18 04 23 - 08:43