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GraphicsMagick in FileMaker, part 14

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Welcome to the 14th door of our advent calendar. In this advent calendar I would like to take you on a journey through the GraphicsMagick component in December. Every day I will introduce you to one or more functions from this component. In this component you will find functions with which you can analyze images, convert them, change them with filters, draw them and much much more. In the end, you too can take the magic of GraphicsMagick to your images. I wish you a lot of fun in the process.

The GraphicsMagick functions also provides many effects that we can apply to our images. In the Advent Calendar we would like to introduce a few of these effects. Today I will introduce you to the Blur effect. With this effect you blur the image. You can use the function GMImage.Blur for this purpose. We can pass three different parameters to this function. First of all again our reference, then the Radius of the Gaussian that means we specify the size of the radius from which we get our information for the respective pixel. We also specify the value Sigma, which is the standard deviation of the Laplacian.

Set Variable [ $r ; Value: MBS("GMImage.Blur"; $GM; 50; 10) ] 

The Blur effect is influenced by the combination of the last two parameters, so you can vary these two parameters to your taste. Here are examples of the variation of values.

Radius = 2
Sigma = 10

Radius = 10
Sigma = 2

Radius = 10
Sigma = 10

Radius = 20
Sigma = 10

However, we cannot only blur the image on all channels, but we can also use the individual channels in the GMImage.BlurChannel function to create a blur. To do this, we also specify the Channel Type parameter. It can be one of our RGB channels or CMYK channels or the BlackChannel.

Here you see the image once with blue channel and radius = 10 and sigma = 10 on the left.

And here the image with red channel and radius=10 and sigma=10 on the right.

Enjoy this effect and see you again tomorrow.

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