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xDev Magazine 20.6

The November/December (20.6) issue of xDev Magazine is now available. Here's a quick preview of what's inside:

Exploring Steganography, Part 3 by Eugene Dakin
Steganography -- the processing of hiding data inside a picture -- is a fun science with practical applications. In this series, Eugene explores doing this with Xojo. In part 3, he shows how to compare the original picture with the one with the hidden data and explore their subtle differences.

Xojo Retreat Keynote by Marc Zeedar
It's been almost four years since the last proper Xojo Conference Keynote from Geoff Perlman. If you missed this one, here's a recap along with a look at Xojo's roadmap for the exciting future of the development environment.

Nashville 2022 by Marc Zeedar
If you couldn't make it to Nashville this past September, don't worry -- Marc has an exhaustive recap of his trip, the sessions, the food, and the fun. For those who don't like to read, there are plenty of photographs!

Plus: Topics such as Xojo 2022R3, RegEx, a Clippings app, BASIC recipes, Limit and Offset, and more!

PS: xDev is looking for fresh voices, especially in writers who can cover Android, iOS, and other topics we may have neglected. Have an idea? Send Marc an email.
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