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Android progress @ Xojo

At the Xojo developer retreat, Travis presented about Android. After years of working, they are now feature complete for version 1. That means they draw a line between things to be included in a v1.0 and things to move to a later version. And those items to go into first version are now implemented. That includes a lot of framework classes, a lot of controls, a debugger and the window editors in the IDE. 50 examples are ready and that may include even one to show how to do in-app purchase using some declares.

Currently they are fixing bugs to polish for a release, but that won't be for the upcoming version 2022r3. Even as it is in pre-release testing, some people already built applications and put them into the Play Store. If you like to try the version, please join tester group for Android and try it.

The initial release doesn't include plugin support. That also means internal plugins from Xojo will be missing on Android: XML, SSL Sockets, Shell, XojoScript, RegE and Crypto. While Xojo Inc. could reimplement those classes in Kotlin, I would enjoy if they build the code to bridge plugin code. That is a big project as they would need a framework library in C to provide the SDK functions. And then generate the wrapper code for plugin classes to call from Kotlin code to the C function and convert parameters and return values.

If such a bridge is no feasible, there may be the opportunity for someone else to start an Android code collection, like a declare library. I can't rewrite our plugins in Kotlin or pure Xojo code.
21 09 22 - 16:49