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Windows for ARM support

Today you got the new Xojo version 2022r2 and it can build applications for Windows on ARM CPUs. Not a big needed feature, but a nice to have one. Over the next years clients may get an ARM CPU in their new computers and then you can deliver your applications for them natively.

MBS Plugins 22.3 already contain our plugins with ARM code. Feel free to try them and let us know what you see. Basically now is the time to test and then we can have everything bug free until you need to ship those ARM based Windows applications.

Currently our plugin don't include XL and ChartDirector support for Windows on ARM. That will follow later this year when the libraries are ready.

PS: if you look for a fast running ARM based computer, you may check with Apple and the Parallels software.
25 07 22 - 19:52