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August is Bug Bash Month at Xojo

You may have seen the blog post: August is Bug Bash Month at Xojo.

Last month we had plenty of discussion in the MVP chat about small annoying bugs, which never climb the priority latter to move into the top 100 on the priority list. While a big bug in Xojo gets attention of the team quickly, there are plenty of smaller bugs, which:
  • only are relevant to a small number of people e.g.
    • only to plugin developers.
    • only to developers using the debugger
    • only to developers with huge projects
  • easy to work around, so nobody pushes for a fix. But still we run into the same known issues again every few weeks.
  • have no impact on sales, so the company has little incentive to ever look on them.
As of today, we have 6289 open cases. From that 2028 issues are labeled as bug. From that Xojo Inc may look to around 100 issues, which Xojo engineers can work on in August. Please don't mark all 2000 bug issues as candidates as that would not help much. Pick wisely and find the small issues you would like to see fixed.

If you like to find the issues, you can search for [BugBash2022Nominee] in comments (needs to be logged in to find something). And later in August you can search for the label: Label= Bug Bash 2022. Already, we have over 140 issues marked.

To avoid people nominate too many cases, the bot may only pick one of your cases to add the label. Once that case is handled and the flag removed, the bot may do another case. This way it only has one active bug bash label per Xojo customer.

I hope this bug bash will make a difference for all Xojo developers.
21 07 22 - 08:42