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New Feedback web app for Xojo

The last week Xojo Inc. did a very difficult, but brave decision: they throw the half finished web based version of the Feedback app and decided to move to use their own instance of the gitlab bug tracker.

Part of the reason was probably that they got a look into what features gitlab has. Implementing all those nice features themselves would delay that project for another year or two. And any time Ricardo (the new web developer) put into that project would be time not put into the web framework itself.

They wrote their own Xojo application to do the transition to copy most of the information over from the old database and into the gitlab server. That seems to have worked well and all the cases got moved, even all the old ones.

While we hoped a Web based Feedback would improve the Web framework, the move to gitlab will be an improvement. They free time from the project to work on the frameworks itself. And while the web version was in development a couple of issues got fixed in the web framework already.

Xojo Inc will have more web apps in development for their own use. One app is to manage the cloud servers and customers using Xojo Cloud may know it already.

The new website shows much more information than we had in Feedback including better search. You can now see milestones and know which cases are picked to be worked on towards the next release. No promise given of course.

You can review your cases by searching for yourself as author and for your reaction not being thumbs up. That way you can review them and add a thumbs up, which is the new way to measure popularity. Please also do that for other cases you like and turn on notifications via the side panel.

Your can go here: tracker.xojo.com. Login is using your Xojo account with single sign-on and is the same as the Xojo forum.
28 05 22 - 10:28