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Upgrading WebKit for Windows support

We regularly add new versions of Chromium Embedded Framework for WebKit support on Windows. The plugin has now the fifth version included. Depending on what version is reported bei CEF, we can pick the right interface, so you can use the same plugin with various Xojo versions and their related CEF versions.

For MBS Xojo Plugins 22.1 we upgrade our Chromium classes and you can try with 22.1pr4 pre-release version soon. Check out Chromium classes:

class ChromiumBrowserMBS
class ChromiumCookieManagerMBS
class ChromiumCookieMBS
class ChromiumFrameMBS
class ChromiumWebPluginInfoMBS

If you look for a modern HTMLViewer for Windows, also check our WebView2ControlMBS control for Xojo, which uses current Microsoft Edge browser as engine (based on Chromium).

See also: HTMLViewer JavaScript communication for Xojo and WebView2 for Xojo The biggest plugin in space...
21 02 22 - 11:20