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FileMaker 19.3.2 release

As you may have seen, Claris Inc. released the new version 19.3.2 of FileMaker Pro.
This update is quick fix for three issues seen in FileMaker 19.3.1:
  • In Windows, hosted apps did not display PDFs in interactive container fields.
  • In macOS, a blank screen displayed when entering the quick start experience.
  • On some Mac computers with Apple silicon, FileMaker Pro displayed an error message when opened.

A few comments:
  • Please note that FileMaker Pro now downloads PDF documents on Windows to a temp folder, which allows the control to display them easier. But it may leave PDF files on the users computer, even if they logged out of the solution.
    It may be good to check the behavior and maybe build a script to find the temp file and delete it when user exists the solution (or layout).
  • The Quick Start Experience launched node app in background. With 19.3.2 this app is now an universal one, so the error message -1 for running it doesn't show anymore.
  • FileMaker Server is still version 19.3.1 as it has not been changed.
  • MBS Plugin 11.2 or newer works fine with the new version.
Announcement in the community: Check out new fixes in Claris FileMaker Pro 19.3.2.
FileMaker Pro 19.3.2 Release Notes
Knowledge base article: ' refused to connect’ displayed in interactive container fields on Windows

To download the new version, you may use the download page for your licensed software (see your license email for a link) or use the in-product updater next week. Claris FileMaker Plugin
21 07 21 - 17:39