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DynaPDF Starter included in OmegaBundle

Have you considered trying our MBS Xojo DynaPDF Plugin?

With OmegaBundle you get the Starter license included and it includes all this features:

  • Available for macOS, iOS, Linux and Windows.
  • Use color spaces like DeviceGray, DeviceRGB, DeviceCMYK
  • Create and edit JavaScript Functions / JavaScript Actions
  • Creation of tagged PDF files
  • Create, modify, delete annotations (30+ types)
  • Add actions to annotations like JavaScript, GoToR and GoTo.
  • Custom page templates
  • File attachments and file attachment annotations
  • Font subsetting
  • Full access to content streams
  • JPEG 2000 compression for images and JBIG2 compression for 1 bit images
  • More than 60 code pages, incl. 17 CJK character sets and Unicode
  • Named Destinations
  • Native PDF Transparency for Images (Alpha channels)
  • No differentiation between client and server application
  • Royalty free distribution
  • Support for multi-page TIFF's
  • Tables for your layout and with page breaks
  • Text formatting, multi-column text
  • Vector graphics, line dash patterns, shadings, patterns
  • Web links, file links, page links and bookmarks

MBS Xojo Plugin with Styled Text to PDF

You may pick DynaPDF especially if you need

  • Proper font handling with subsetting of embedded fonts resulting in smaller files.
  • Full support of various encodings including unicode. e.g. to put Asian characters like in Chinese, Japanese or Korean with an unicode font on a PDF page,
  • Use our tables to do the layout of documents with table wrapping over multiple pages with automatic calculated cell sizes based on content.
  • Add links within the PDF to jump to a page from an index page or link to your website.
  • Pass styled text (from TextArea control) directly from Xojo to draw it on PDF pages.
  • Draw vector graphics with all the features and various color spaces, e.g. draw black lines with CMYK in true black.
  • Place images and benefit from referencing, so the image can be placed on multipel pages, but only be embedded once in the PDF.
  • Use our Graphics class integration to easily convert existing drawing code.
  • Embed pictures with various compression algorithms in high resolution and with various color spaces and with optional JPEG pass through.

If you get the Starter license with OmegaBundle, you can then upgrade to Lite, Pro or Enterprise licenses at a discounted update prices.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions.

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