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MBS Plugin versions shipped

Here is a table documenting the release versions of our MBS FileMaker Plugin from the last years. You see how regular we release and what the build number the final version had. If you still use an older one like, you may notice you have the pre-release version. Pre-release versions usually are not ready for new/changed features and contain some more debug code to do runtime checks. We disable those for final builds.

DateVersionAdded support for FileMaker
May 202111.2.0.9
March 202111.1.0.9
Januar 202111.0.0.919.2
November 202010.5.0.1019.1
September 202010.4.0.10
July 202010.3.0.11
May 202010.2.0.0919.0
March 202010.1.0.08
Januar 202010.0.0.09
November 20199.5.0.09
September 20199.4.0.11
July 20199.3.0.0818
May 20199.2.0.09
March 20199.1.0.08
Januar 20199.0.0.10
November 20188.5.0.10
September 20188.4.0.11
July 20188.3.0.06
May 20188.2.0.10
March 20188.1.0.0717
Januar 20188.0.0.10
November 20177.5.0.10
September 20177.4.0.09
July 20177.3.0.08
May 20177.2.0.0716
March 20177.1.0.06
Januar 20177.0.0.05
November 20166.5.0.10
September 20166.4.0.10
July 20166.3.0.07
May 20166.2.0.11
March 20166.1.0.6
Januar 20166.0.0.0915

This table also lists which version introduces support for newer FileMaker version. Older plugins can't know what a newer FileMaker version brings, so while the plugin is usually ready in time, there are something breaking things. For example the 32 to 64 bit move, the addition of new Linux platform or upcoming Apple Silicon support. Sometimes things change in FileMaker like the Web Viewer switch to WebKit 2 in FileMaker 16, which caused us to rewrite those functions.

A similar table could be assembled for operation system. On macOS you may prefer to use 11.0 or better 11.1 for Big Sur.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

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