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Christmas surprise packages

The year 2020 has been very special for everyone. Our party for 20 years has been cancelled, postponed and may be revived at a later date. Not sure if that will be before 25 years is reached.

As a special surprise for customers we ordered 20 nice packages with delicious food. Those are present boxes from Fattoria La Vialla, which is an Italian farm producing organic food in the Toscana. Two weeks ago the palette arrived:

Now we picked 20 customers. A few older, a few newer, a few we know personally, a few we never met so far. Then we checked what would be needed for customs declaration and quickly decided that this may be a challenge. And once we checked postage fees, we decided to limit recipients to Germany. You don't want the cost of postage and customs to exceed the package value. The list was redone and today we sent the last packages on their way.

We hope all 20 packages arrive in good condition and before Christmas. Enjoy and have a merry Christmas time!
14 12 20 - 12:48