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Black Friday coming soon

As you may know Americans love to shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This year Black Friday is 27th November. About half our customers are in North America, so we are happy to offer you a discount if they buy this weekend. Our offer will go live in the next days and should be available in time.

We plan to offer coupon code BlackFriday for the web shop with 20% off for new licenses of MBS Plugins, DynaPDF and LibXL.
Updates are already offered with discount (usually 50%) compared to new purchases and and our academic prices already have a discount. If you like, you can email us to get an order link for all licenses you need or provide an invoice if needed.

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As usual the discounted offer allows you to buy whatever licenses you may need in the next year. As you know that Apple Silicon is coming to a lot of clients next year, you may want to have current plugin licenses.

If you need a license from Xojo Inc. or their third-party store section, you may to check the Xojo store on the weekend. Everyone interested in a license for the next version 2020r2 featuring Apple Silicon support, should go and buy one.

For FileMaker there is still an offer available for buying one FileMaker Pro license and getting a free one to give away. This offer expires 18th December. If you or your client has an expired FileMaker license for over 6 months, you may get a discount for a welcome back offer with 25% reduced pricing. Also there may be possibilities to get a FileMaker Server for smaller companies with thee or four users.

You have a question? Please don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone. We may help to point you to the right offer.
24 11 20 - 09:16