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Chart Diagrams with Xojo

With the MBS Xojo ChartDirector Plugin and an ChartDirector license you can create charts in Xojo. These diagrams can then be displayed on the user interface, integrated into a PDF document or saved as an external file. With ChartDirector you have many different chart types and a wide range of design options at your disposal. You can create diagrams according to your wishes. For example, you can specify axis colors, data colors, data labels, or backgrounds. Select fonts, use gradient or transparent colors and decorate charts with symbol pictures. The X, Y and a second Y axis on the right can be designed separately. You can also add and customize a legend for your chart. There are almost no limits to your imagination. Here are a few examples of charts created using the Chart Director and the MBS Xojo ChartDirector Plugin on Xojo. ChartDirector license must be purchased separately from the plug-in license and one is included with the OmegaBundle 2020. Below eight examples:

CDXYChartMBS on the left with three data sets and CDPieChartMBS on the right with 3D effect and custom label formatting.

Using CDPyramidChartMBS on the left and CDXYChartMBS on the right with a CDTrendLayerMBS to show trend and CDLegendBoxMBS to show a customized legend. A separate CDTextBoxMBS shows the correlation and standard error.

Using CDXYChartMBS class on the left with addScatterLayer method and on the right CDAngularMeterMBS with 5 colored zones.

Using CDFinanceChartMBS class on the left and CDXYChartMBS on the right with CDBarLayerMBS.

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