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XDC 2019

The Xojo developer conference in Miami was my first Xojo conference in America. I met a lot of interesting new people and saw many well known friends from various European conferences again. Every time the conference feels like a family reunion. You read a lot of the names in the forums and you have the chance to meet the person behind the posts.

After a good breakfast we had the keynote with the Xojo CEO Geoff Perlman. We experienced the newest inventions and get a lookout to future functions like the new platform for Android development and the APIs changes. One thing that I recognize very positive is that you can see the inspector and the library in the shown future version of the Xojo IDE at the same time and can work with it. In my opinion it is very practical for designing a window, without making a lot of clicks while switching between this two areas.

After that we heard that Java and Xojo learning at the same time is possible. The failure rate decrease significant for a university course who tested it and this correlate with the rate of university dropout. Perhaps Xojo can be a way to more computer scientists.

Then we get information about the actual working process of the Android framework and the web framework. Unfortunately, no statement was made, how long we must wait for them.

After lunchtime we had a panel talk about future technologies and in which way developers will affect the future. In addition the engineers of Xojo answer a lot of questions from the attendees. Next was a great presentation by Carol Keeney about problems you should avoid while you design and work with databases. The last presentation of the first day was about the working progress about the API 2.0. In the evening we had a lot of interesting talks while we had a cruise dinner on a boat in Miami.

On the second conference day we had two presentations in parallel, so we had to decide between this two rooms. On the second conference day we had our MBS presentation too. Christian told us what is new in MBS Plugins. We are thankful for all the attendees who joined our presentation and asked a lot of helpful questions. If you missed the presentation, please join us at the European Xojo Conference in October in Cologne or watch our video on the website.

For me as beginner Bob Keeney's presentation about avoiding errors that we all regent was very interesting because that help me to code better, detecting my errors or avoid them. From Marc Zeedar, I hear a lot about Xojo Scripting and I think about testing it soon.

Also the last day of the Conference have a lot of interesting presentation. I like the presentation about how you can make your customers happy mostly. Because I think this would help me in the correspondence with people who are interest in the MBS Plugin or using it. Monkeybread Software is always trying to help people fast and efficient to make them happy.

After the last hurray and a dinner in the legacy KUSH diner we must say good bye to the family of Xojo. With a lot of new ideas and motivation we are on the way home. I look forward to see a lot of you on the Xojo conference in October in Cologne again. Till that have a nice time.

By Stefanie Juchmes
16 05 19 - 18:50