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What a week

This week was great. We had so many things going on here.
  • First I visited a company and gave a full training day for Xojo development. Desktop and Web apps, controls and database access. Just a bit to learn Xojo and what is different to other tools.
  • Another client came to our office for a Xojo training and co-development day here. Some clients really enjoy having a helping hand on how to implement something.
  • Stefanie joined the FileMaker training day at MKV for beginners. I think that really helps her learning FileMaker.
  • I worked on two custom Xojo plugins for two companies to wrap some private C++ libraries.
  • Stefanie wrote an article for FileMaker Magazin, which will be published in the next months.
  • She also wrote an article for Xojo Developer Magazine. I hope she can be a regular writer for both magazines and regularly write something for the blog.
  • And the usual remote help for various clients. Like getting load balancer script running for a client with several Xojo web apps. Helping a client with using MBS Plugin in iOS SDK.
  • For the plugins we fix bugs and add new functions as we are contacted by customers.
Now lets enjoy the weekend a bit and maybe do a little trip with family to enjoy some time in nature, maybe walk to a castle.
23 02 19 - 10:25