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MBS Xojo Training

Looking back this year we had two group trainings this year for Xojo and seven individual trainings. Alone this November I visited two companies to train them on Xojo. At the MBS Xojo Conference in Munich, Ulrich Bogun did the beginner training, so I could concentrate on the advanced training. If you are looking for training here in Germany, you could ask Ulrich or me for help. Others developers may be available if you ask on the Xojo forum.

Looking on topics, there may be different cases:
  • Getting started in Xojo, starting with a walk though the IDE and building an example application live in front of audience.
  • Kickstart a project by building a prototype together with me. We setup the basics, do a little part so your developer learns how to do it and than adds more similar pages or windows.
  • We debug your application to try to fix a list of bugs.
  • Reviewing your project for possible problems and security holes and make sure you have less problems in future.
  • Learn from the experts advanced features like declares, delegates or interfaces.
  • Learn what we have available in the plugin toolbox to help your applications.
  • Kick start your project by implementing a new feature based on a plugin where you like to have help from the guy who wrote the plugin.
  • Connect a new device (e.g. USB) to your application by creating the interface via plugin.
  • We may even work on a plugin of your company or in a project add a new function to MBS plugins to help you.
  • Assist a new employee and help them developing in Xojo.
To give a few samples, a company flew me in to review the project for two years to fix possible issues before it went public. Another company invited me and we spoke a whole day about what our plugins can do and they took a lot of notes. Second day we implemented a few of the most wanted features directly into their solution. A few clients came to our office and we started a new web app together and put a first version on the server the very same day. Some projects turned out into bigger consulting projects as I wrote the app for them instead of just training. Other clients turned into regularly booking training and providing a todo list of each meeting, so I come for a visit every few months and we work on a todo list of problems they couldn't solve themselves.

Training is available as one to one or group training. It can be organized in your company, in our office or in some hotel. While I may work via phone & screen sharing for some things, I may often need to connect to a database or physical device, so physical presence is sometimes easier than getting a hole in the firewall.

If you are interested in any of this, please get in touch. The biggest plugin in space...
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