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New functions for smart card reading

In the last two weeks I worked on new functions to read smart cards. We got a client interested in reading Belgian national identity card via CryptoTokenKit functions in our plugins and a FileMaker client interested in reading Swiss Health Insurance cards. We got both working with our latest MBS Plugins.

For testing, we used both the Smart Card Reader from König (left) and the SmartTerminal ST-1144UB from Cherry (right). Both do the job with a little difference. For the left device, you can connect and query status, even if there is no card. The right one only allows to connect when you have a card inserted. Other readers work probably as this uses a standard interface and drivers are built into the operation system.

For Xojo we got the new CryptoTokenKit classes in MBS Xojo Mac64bit Plugin for the modern way Apple likes to handle this with asynchron operation and delegates. Beside this, we also go the older cross platform way via PCSC API and the ReadFile method in and SmartCardMBS class.

For FileMaker, we added a new SmartCard.ReadFile function for Mac and Windows in the upcoming MBS FileMaker Plugin version 8.5.

Whatever function you use, you can pass the right file ID and read the files you need from the smart cards. We also got a function to split the data into the parts. See SmartCard.SplitValues for FileMaker and SmartCardMBS.SplitValues function for Xojo.
22 10 18 - 18:11