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CURL birthday and conference

Today CURL library and command line tool turns 20 years old. It's a long time in software business and a great success with curl on nearly every computer device on earth as it ships for example with MacOS, Google Chrome, Linux, Android and others.

Since January 2007 and the MBS Xojo Plugin 7.0, we do include CURL for up- and download via ftp/http.

Since January 2012 and the MBS FileMaker Plugin 2.5, we include CURL functions for FileMaker.

And as far as I see, FileMaker Inc. added CURL right to the database engine with version 11 of FileMaker, but only added CURL options for Insert From URL script step with version 16.

See blog post from Daniel Stenberg.

For mid April we have the CURL conference on the agenda in Stockholm. Please join it if you like to learn more about CURL. See announcement and wiki page.

Interested in a meeting for FileMaker or Xojo?
See blog post for FileMaker meeting and Xojo meeting in Stockholm. The biggest plugin in space...
20 03 18 - 08:10