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Xojo Developer Conference 2018

Just in time for Christmas Dana posted a teaser for XDC 2018.

The question to be answered is where the conference will take place. Until the next newsletter (subscribe here) in January tells us, we can enjoy betting where it could be.

Austin is not easy to reach, but convenient for Xojo Inc. as they have a couple of people living there who won't need any airplane ticket. Houston for 2016 was similar easy for Xojo Inc. with just a few hours drive from Austin. Dallas could fill a similar role with a big airport and in drivable distance from Austin.

We know that it will be USA and probably somewhere with direct flights internationally.
I would expect New York, San Francisco, Boston, Miami and and a few others to be too expensive.
And with the list of direct flights available from Paris and Frankfurt, I would bet on Seattle.
What is your guess?

There is no XDC 2017, so if you like to join a conference before 2018, please consider our conference in Europe:
The MBS Xojo Developer Conference will take place 4th/5th May 2017 in Berlin, Germany. An optional training day is available. Claris FileMaker Plugin
26 12 16 - 18:52