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Thoughts about FileMaker app

Today I gave some thought to the product idea "Remove "Pro" from the product name?". I think it may be worth for FileMaker Inc. to offer three different levels for the desktop product: App, Pro and Developer:
  • FileMaker
    • No editing features or create database. Just open database and use it.
    • Free to download on FileMaker website without registration, in Mac App Store and Microsoft App Store.
    • Requires connection license on server when used with server
    • Self containing app.
      No templates included. Plugins and dictionaries need to be in Library/Application Support folders.
    • Can use local database for free, so it can replace runtimes or start with local database to later connect to server.
      e.g. open last database opened or some default database placed in Library/Application Support folder.
    • More or less same as FileMaker Go, but for desktop.
    • Could have help entry and/or start/end splash screen to tell people to get FileMaker Developer to build own solution or FileMaker Server for multi user functionality.
    • Could be preinstalled by Apple on Macs in all stores and come with good start databases to demonstrate people what FileMaker can do.
    • Could be given away by people with their database to demonstrate software to potential clients.
  • FileMaker Pro
    • The existing FileMaker Pro marketed as the enhanced FileMaker application which offers editing and creating databases for the ordinary user.
    • Brings connection license for FileMaker Server with application (like now)
    • Can be licensed perpetual, annually or in volume like now.
  • FileMaker Developer
    • Same as current Pro Advanced, but makes clear in name that it is intended for the people building solutions.
      And I really expect anyone who writes scripts wants the debugger!
    • Include a free Server license for n connections and limited to n databases. N could be small, maybe just 2. Or maybe limit it to require to be on same machine as FileMaker Developer.
    • Can be licensed perpetual, annually or in volume like now.
Maybe the cloud strategy from FileMaker Inc. lets them do something like this in next years. Especially the idea that you could give away FileMaker app to millions of people to advertise FileMaker sounds like a great opportunity. Same with Apple Stores. If a member of staff there is asked for a business solution for Macs, they could point the business men to the Macs and launch FileMaker. The app could show the launcher with those 10 example databases (preinstalled in Library/Application Support). They can play with them and in the databases there should be explanation, which tells them that they can use those as a starting point and customize them. Even include some registration for people to be notified about nearby events or FBA members to assist in development.

What do you think about this? Please comment on vote on the ideas page.
29 10 16 - 22:33