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DynaPDF 4, Optimization and PDF/A

DynaPDF 3 is already 5 years old and a lot of changed since then. Version 3 had the render feature as the big new function, but that involved to more. For example we got a print feature on Windows to directly send PDFs to a printer. Or the render features to write a multi page tiff file for a PDF.

For February DynaForms scheduled the release of Version 4 of the DynaPDF library. The big new features for Version 4 are a much improved PDF/A converter which supports version 1b, 2b and 3b of the PDF/A standard.

With DynaPDF Lite you can create PDF/A files and run the conformance check. This check is required to know which ICC color space to include as an output intent and whether the PDF conforms to the PDF/A standard.

Now if you have DynaPDF Pro plus the PDF/A extension, you can use the conformance check function to actually change the PDF and make it being conform. The current version of DynaPDF does those changes for PDF/A 1b. The converter for PDF/A 2b and 3b is currently in beta stage and will be ready soon.

Maybe more interesting on the PDF/A converter is the function to optimize and repair PDFs before archiving them. We can put in broken PDFs and they are rebuild completely. This fixes wrong items and removes duplicate parts, so the resulting PDFs are often smaller. Another optimization which runs optionally is to convert colors from various color spaces like Separation, DeviceN, and N-Channel color spaces to device color space. If you are interested in smaller images, DynaPDF can optionally scale down images in the PDF. e.g. reduce DPI of images and compress them as JPEG so they need less space. Finally DynaPDF can optionally delete invisible paths to further reduce file size.

More coming soon in our plugins.

PS: The Optimize feature can also be used to fix corrupted PDFs created in FileMaker 14. See community thread. The biggest plugin in space...
19 01 16 - 00:04